2013 Karrakatta Plate – Nominations

April 2nd, 2013

Nominations have been released for the Group 2 Karrakatta Plate, which is due to take place at Ascot Racecourse this Saturday April 6, 2013.

A total of 107 horses have been nominated for the 2013 Star Kingdom Stakes, including Camporella.

The two-year-old has won three of her five race starts and has earned more than $220,000 in prize money during her horse racing career.

Camporella has won all three of her race starst this preparation, with her most recent coming in the Listed Gimcrack Stakes at Ascot racecourse on March 23, 2013.

Prior to that, she won the $250,000 Perth Magic Millions 2YO Classic in February.

Camporella has won all her race starts over 1,100 metres and will be stepping up to the 1,200 metre distance in the 2013 Karrakatta Plate for the first time.

Also included in the 2013 Karrakatta Plate is Camporella’s stable mate Low Tide.

Low Tide has won one of his three race starts and has earned more than $24,000 in prize money during his career.

The Blackfriars gelding won his last start at Ascot by two and a half lengths.

Trainer Dan Morton is confident Low Tide will perform well in the 2013 Karrakatta Plate.

“He’s doing everything right at the moment and I’d like to think he’ll develop into a real nice horse,” Morton said.

“There are some pretty handy horses going around in the Karrakatta, but if he can take a bit of knowledge out of today’s race and come forward a little bit, he might be somewhere near them.”

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2013 Karrakatta Plate Nominations

No. Horse Trainer Weight
1 AUTHENTIC STYLE Lou Luciani & Dion Luciani 56.5kg
2 BERNI AND THE JETS Raquel Mills 56.5kg
3 BIT OF VALUE Dave Casey 56.5kg
4 BRADFORD BADBOY Donna Riordan 56.5kg
5 CANDOUR Lou Luciani & Dion Luciani 56.5kg
6 CAZALY Daniel Morton 56.5kg
7 CESC Bob McPherson 56.5kg
8 COLD CHOICE Neville Parnham 56.5kg
9 COMMON APPROACH Darryn Pateman 56.5kg
10 CORUSCATION Paul Jordan 56.5kg
11 CRUDEN BAY Anthony Freedman 56.5kg
12 CUT SNAKE Lindsey Smith 56.5kg
13 DANNY RIP Fred Kersley 56.5kg
14 GEE PEE ESS Steve Wolfe 56.5kg
15 GRACIOUS PROSPECT David Hayes 56.5kg
16 GREAT ESTEEM David Hayes 56.5kg
17 GUARDLOCK Gino Poletti 56.5kg
18 HENNESSY RAIDER Jim P Taylor 56.5kg
19 HILTON CASTLE David Hayes 56.5kg
20 HUSSARIK Raquel Mills 56.5kg
21 KOOL PEGASUS Stephen Rowe 56.5kg
22 KOOMBANA BEACH Joe Byrne 56.5kg
23 LAW ENFORCEMENT Trevor Andrews 56.5kg
24 LENIENCE Neville Parnham 56.5kg
25 LONGMA Trevor Andrews 56.5kg
26 LORD APOLLO Trevor Andrews 56.5kg
27 LOW TIDE Daniel Morton 56.5kg
28 MANDAMUS Chris Gangemi 56.5kg
29 MASKAEV Chris Gangemi 56.5kg
30 MATCHING MOTORS Neville Parnham 56.5kg
31 MOET ME Daniel Morton 56.5kg
32 MOONSEARCH Colin Webster 56.5kg
33 MOSCATINI Karen Kersley 56.5kg
34 NACHO David Harrison 56.5kg
35 NORTHERN JEWEL Anthony Cummings 56.5kg
36 NORTHERN LYRIC David Hayes 56.5kg
37 ONLY ON SUNDAY Ted Martinovich 56.5kg
38 PATRIOT GAMES Lou Luciani & Dion Luciani 56.5kg
39 PETROL POWER Jim P Taylor 56.5kg
40 PURIST Tiarnna Robertson 56.5kg
41 RELENT Chris Gangemi 56.5kg
42 ROSEDALE ROAD Dean White 56.5kg
43 SANDGROPER Trevor Andrews 56.5kg
44 SANOSUKE David Hayes 56.5kg
45 SHADES OF RIO Aaron Morton 56.5kg
46 SHAKE AND TAKE Joe Miller 56.5kg
47 SKY DIVINE Elana Coniglio 56.5kg
48 SOLAR DRIFT Neville Parnham 56.5kg
49 SWICK SASSO Justine Erkelens 56.5kg
50 TERROR FORCE Donna Riordan 56.5kg
51 THATELDO Jim P Taylor 56.5kg
52 THE BOWLER Tony Vasil 56.5kg
53 THIS CAT ROCKS David Hayes 56.5kg
54 TRICHOLOGIST Steve Wolfe 56.5kg
55 TYBURN Ian Glading 56.5kg
56 WALKOVER Neville Parnham 56.5kg
57 WOKEN Lindsey Smith 56.5kg
58 AELLO Brendon Fitzgerald 54.5kg
59 ALAVESA Anthony Cummings 54.5kg
60 ANATINA John Sadler 54.5kg
61 BLACK QUEEN Jim P Taylor 54.5kg
62 BUSIMISS Fred Kersley 54.5kg
63 BUSTER DEE David Harrison 54.5kg
64 CAMPORELLA Daniel Morton 54.5kg
65 COCO CASH Sharon Miller 54.5kg
66 CRUISI DANCER Colin Duffy 54.5kg
67 DE JERSEY Fred Kersley 54.5kg
68 DURASUN Neville Parnham 54.5kg
69 FASTER FASTER Justine Erkelens 54.5kg
70 FINE DIAMOND David Hayes 54.5kg
71 FLYING ZOE Lou Luciani & Dion Luciani 54.5kg
72 FORMIDABLE STORM Don Hale 54.5kg
73 FOXALICIOUS Craig Wright 54.5kg
74 GO AGAIN John Sadler 54.5kg
75 HOVERCAT Cliff Green 54.5kg
76 ISOLA BLU Daniel Morton 54.5kg
77 LADY SANIUQA Daniel Morton 54.5kg
78 LIFE CHANGING Paul Jordan 54.5kg
79 LIL KIM Paige Kenney 54.5kg
80 LITTLE MISSY TIDE Daniel Morton 54.5kg
81 MAGNUS MISSILE Neville Parnham 54.5kg
82 MISS SUNERGY Colin Webster 54.5kg
83 MISSHONORABLE Racquel Langridge 54.5kg
84 MOUNT ZERO David Hayes 54.5kg
85 MS FUNOVITS John Sadler 54.5kg
86 MUSSITO Joe Miller 54.5kg
87 NO MORE TEARS Ben Pearce 54.5kg
88 NOT A TOKEN WOMAN Anthony Cummings 54.5kg
89 O’HARA DE BELLE Donna Riordan 54.5kg
90 OPERATORIA Stan Bates 54.5kg
91 ORATISM Darren Mcauliffe 54.5kg
92 PEGALICIOUS Simon A Miller 54.5kg
93 PLAY WITH FIRE Lou Luciani & Dion Luciani 54.5kg
94 PRINCESS HALLOWELL Trevor Andrews 54.5kg
95 PURE METEOR Wally Mitchell 54.5kg
96 RADIO BERLIN Lindsey Smith 54.5kg
97 RAMIFICATIONS Michael Grant 54.5kg
98 RESONATES David Harrison 54.5kg
99 SILVER PENNY (NZ) John Sadler 54.5kg
100 TESTY SUE Michael Grant 54.5kg
101 VAMPI LASS Ben Pearce 54.5kg
102 VIA LAURENTINA Neville Parnham 54.5kg
103 VITAL IMPORTANCE Neville Parnham 54.5kg
104 VITAL TO BE WELSH Stephen Rowe 54.5kg
105 WRAP ME UP Racquel Langridge 54.5kg
106 YALOGINDA Daniel Morton 54.5kg
107 YOU WILL BE QUEEN Lindsey Smith 54.5kg